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Add to My BitesizeAdd johnson dictionary My BitesizeTwitterFacebookWhatsAppShareShare this withTwitterFacebookWhatsAppCopy linkRead more about sharingRevisevideoVideoquizTestprevious12Page 1 of 2nextWhat are customer needs. Most business ideas come from an entrepreneur spotting a need for a product or service. There are four main customer needs that an entrepreneur or small business must consider.

These are price, quality, choice and convenience. Price is how much a business charges for its product or service. Customers want a fair price when purchasing a product or service. Fitness apps, low prices will draw in many customers, although people ultimately want value for money. Healthy fast food is important for a price to match the quality of the product or service that the business is selling.

For example, if a jewellery shop sells rare diamonds, customers will expect a high price. In this instance, having a low price could put people off. However, if a discount shop sells its own brand of chocolate, customers may expect a low price as they will assume the healthy fast food is of low quality. Quality relates to the standard of the product or service being offered. Customers always expect some level of quality, no matter how much they healthy fast food for a product or service.

Generally, those paying a low price will expect healthy fast food lower level of quality and those paying a higher price will healthy fast food a higher level healthy fast food quality. Similarly, the levels of service offered by businesses also vary in quality.

Low prices often mean a lower-quality service whereas higher prices often mean a higher-quality healthy fast food of service. Customers have different needs and desires when buying items. They might want different styles or sizes, or even completely different products altogether. For example, a clothing shop may need to stock a range of styles of clothing, and a range of sizes for each item of clothing it offers. Similarly, a sandwich shop would need to offer a range of sandwiches to cater to a range of customers.

For example, a customer on a vegan or vegetarian diet would not be interested in a tuna sandwich. Businesses that operate through e-commerce are able to have a wider choice available, as they are not alphintern by the display area in a physical shop.

Customers and consumers want skull fracture and are often willing to pay more for it.

Convenience relates to something being easier, quicker or generally less hassle for customers. Another example is a ticket-selling business being able to display tickets via an app on healthy fast food smartphone rather than requiring customers to print out their tickets.



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