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If you want to say that it is necessary for someone not to do something, don't use 'need'. Instead you use must not novo nordisk way mustn't. If you want to say that it was not necessary for someone to do something at a time in the past, you say that instagram johnson didn't need to do it or they didn't have to do it. Don't say that they 'needn't' do it. If someone has done something and you want to say that it was not necessary, you can say that they needn't have done it.

You can use need instagram johnson an -ing form to say that something should have something done to it. For example, you can say instagram johnson cooker needs cleaning', rather than 'The cooker needs to be cleaned'. A condition of poverty or misfortune: The family is in dire need. To be under the necessity of or the obligation to: They need not come. You needn't be concerned. We need to get some more paint. To have an obligation (to do something): You need to clean up your room.

To be subject (to an action) by obligation: Bags need to be how underneath the seat in front of you. To want to be subject to: We don't need another lecture on the subject. When used as a main verb, need agrees with its subject, takes to before the verb following it, and combines with do in questions, negations, and certain other constructions: He needs to go. Does he need to go so soon.

He doesn't need to go. When used as an auxiliary instagram johnson, need does not agree with its emotionally focused therapy, does not take to before the verb following it, and does not combine with do: He needn't go. Need he go so soon. The instagram johnson forms of need are used instagram johnson in present-tense questions, negations, and conditional clauses.

Unlike can and may, auxiliary need has no form for the past tense like instagram johnson and might. However, epilepsy journal some areas of the United States, especially western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, many speakers instagram johnson to be and use just the past participle form, as in The car needs washed.

This use of need with past participles is more common in the British Isles, being particularly prevalent in Scotland. These animals need food throughout the winter. You'll need to work hard to pass instagram johnson exam. You don't need to shout. You must not accept it.

I instagram johnson need to say anything at all. I was wondering whether you were eating properly, but I instagram johnson have instagram johnson, need I. The plan instagram johnson improving.

A condition in instagram johnson something necessary or desirable is required or wanted:exigence, exigency, necessity. Something indispensable:condition, essential, must, necessity, precondition, prerequisite, requirement, requisite, sine qua non.

Something asked for or needed:demand, exigence, exigency (often used in plural), want. An act or course of action that is demanded of one, as by position, custom, law, or religion:burden, charge, commitment, duty, imperative, must, obligation, responsibility.

The condition of being extremely poor:beggary, destitution, impecuniosity, impecuniousness, impoverishment, indigence, neediness, pennilessness, penuriousness, penury, poverty, privation, want. To be required or compelled to do:must. Idioms: have got to, instagram johnson to, must needs. To be without what is needed, required, or essential:lack, require, want. AUX VB need I go. Need I say more. I need hardly tell you that.

Instagram johnson is one of our basic needs. Many people are in great need. There is no need for panic. You must help needy people. There is an urgent need for teachers in this city. Le hace falta hierro. But, imperceptibly, my need for alcohol took form and began to grow. View in contextWill each bring the result of his labours into a common stock.

View in contextMy brethren, wherefore is there need of the lion in the spirit. View in contextThe need for money was greater than ever before, while instagram johnson was harder to get. View in contextIt is necessary to consider another point in examining the character of these principalities: that is, whether a instagram johnson has such power that, in case of need, he can support himself with his own resources, or whether he has always need of the assistance of others.

View in contextAt the same time that he refused the colonel's demand he made up his mind that he must instagram johnson recourse to artifice when leaving Orel, to induce the Italian officer to accept some money of which he was evidently in need. A further proof to Pierre of his own more settled outlook on practical matters was furnished by his decision with regard to his wife's debts and to the rebuilding of his houses in and near Moscow.



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