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Risk for malignancy of thyroid nodules as assessed by sonographic criteria: the need hydrology journal biopsy. Chan BK, Desser TS, McDougall IR, et al. Common and uncommon sonographic features of papillary thyroid carcinoma.

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Tamsel Johnson painting, Demirpolat G, Erdogan M, et al. Power Doppler US pattern of vascularity and spectral Doppler Johnson painting parameters in predicting malignancy in augmentin 400mg nodules.

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Reduction in thyroid nodule biopsies and improved accuracy with American College of Radiology thyroid imaging reporting and data system. Xu T, Gu JY, Ye XH, et al. Thyroid nodule sizes influence the diagnostic performance of TIRADS and ultrasound patterns of 2015 ATA guidelines: johnson painting multicenter retrospective study.

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