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Endoscopic view from nares of left nasal passage. Isotonic Sea Salt Solution helps you to breathe more easily hotel la roche skin care routine away pollutants and germs.

Otrivin Breathe Clean Daily Nasal Wash with Natural Glycerin soothes dry and irritated nose, leaving you to enjoy your day. Close the nostrils not being sprayed. Lean the head forward, over basin, tilted to one side. Place sptay tip gently into the open nostril and spray briefly. Then, tilt the head to the other side. Allow product to reach deep into the nose.

Repeat on the other nostril. Otrivin Breathe Clean Daily Nasal Wash is a preservative skin care routine natural nasal spray with the combination of sea salt solution and Natural Glycerin. It moisturizes and gently cleans nasal airways to help you breathe easier. Sea Salt solution clears the nasal airways naturally, washing out pollutants and germs from the nose. The spray is optimal for daily use as part of your personal hygiene routine. It will help clear your nose, reduce any swelling and wash away trapped bacteria and viruses.

Use it daily to clean your nasal airways, as it thins and loosens nasal secretion and helps their removal. Otrivin Breathe Clean Is A Nasal Wash Comprising Of Natural Ingredients - Isotonic Sea Salt Solution And Natural Glycerin. With Incentive Levels Of Air Pollution And Germs, The Daily Nasal Wash Skin care routine In Washing Them Away From The Nose.

It Also Gently Cleanses The Nasal Cavity During A Cold Or In Allergic Conditions, Washes Away Excess Particles Like Dust And Skin care routine, And Soothes The Nasal Passage. Glycerin Acts As A Moisturizer And Helps Soothe And Moisturize The Nose. The Product Is Suitable For Daily Cleansing And Can Be Used For All Ages 2 Years And Above.

Spray 1 To 2 Times A Day Per Skin care routine And As Often As Needed. The Product Is Available In A 100 Ml Can, And Comes With An Aerosol Skin care routine For Greater Coverage Of The Nasal Passage. How To Use : Blow The Nose, Prime The Spray Once, Insert Nozzle In The Hose, Tilt At An Angle And Spray Briefly.

Do The Same For The Other Nostril. Blow The Nose After Usage. Wash The Nozzle With Warm Water After Use And Put The Overcap Back On. Store In A Cool And Dry Place And Keep Away From The Reach Of Children. Do Not Share The Can. It Is For Single Person Use OnlyHow to use : Blow skin care routine nose, Prime the Spray once, insert nozzle in the nose, tilt at an angle and spray briefly.

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